Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is a mental technique. It uses the powers of the mind and the imagination to change your life. With the help of this technique, you can shape your character, habits, and circumstances. Attract opportunities, people, and the things you desire.

The Main Principles of Creative Visualization are:

Our most repeated thoughts often come true.

Repeated thoughts will affect the subconscious mind. It is the mind that controls our habits, desires, actions, and reactions. Thoughts attract corresponding circumstances.

The thinking process is a creative process.

Similar to daydreaming, creative visualization uses the imagination to create your imaginary mental scenarios, just like a movie.

While daydreaming is a pleasant, passive pastime, creative visualization uses techniques to make the mental scenarios come true.

Creative visualization influences the subconscious mind and the creative power of the universe which create and attract what we visualize.

To a large extent, your life is the product of your habitual thoughts and mental images. If you have been often thinking positive thoughts and visualizing happiness, health, and success, then it is most likely that your present circumstances reflect these thoughts and mental images.

If your thoughts and imagination have been mostly focused on problems, difficulties or failure, it is likely that your life reflects these conditions.

When you focus on the same thoughts repeatedly, they get stronger and spread around you, just like waves from a radio or TV broadcasting station.

A weak broadcast signal does not travel far and is hardly perceived. A weak thought is the same. It hardly produces any visible results.

Strong, clear and concentrated thoughts energized by feelings, create definite, perceivable results, and can attract people, objects and possessions to your life.

Thoughts are like waves that move toward the shore. Weak and small waves hardly reach the shoreline, but strong and big waves come rushing, going far beyond the shoreline, and dramatically in time, affect its shape. In the same way, like the waves, strong and repeated thoughts can make changes and transform your life.

It’s All Around Us

One of the most important and powerful tools of creative visualization is the imagination. It is a useful tool that even the most practical, down-to-earth people use frequently. Without it, nothing on earth would have been created or invented.

The results of the imagination are all around us. It is in the shape of various inventions, your car, the the internet,  as well as airplanes, computers, and buildings. We use the imagination for cooking a dinner, telling a story, painting a picture, decorating a house, building a bridge, managing a hotel or running a company.

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