Dealing with mixed emotions is difficult. Whether you are moving to a new place, changing careers, starting college, or mourning the loss of a friend, you are likely to experience mixed feelings. In fact, we all undergo mixed emotions throughout our lives. You mustn’t lose hope if you feel sad, angry, and frustrated simultaneously. Learning to cope with mixed emotions is essential for leading a happy life. Here are some of how you can deal with them.

Only Observe the Feelings

One mistake that most people make is judging how they feel. Instead, all they need to do is to observe how they feel. Take notice of when you pressure yourself to feel a certain way because that is how others would feel. As you are already juggling multiple emotions, the last thing you should do is add guilt or confusion to the mix. Simply learn more about yourself rather than how others think of you.


The next action you need to take is to start living instead of re-living. As humans, we are built to begin anew daily. We are highly resilient. Let go of the negative emotions and hold on to positive emotions, such as moments of laughter, fun events, meaningful work, and helping others. When you believe you need to first work out past emotions, you only prolong sadness and delay healing. For instance, if you delay dating just because you have been divorced, you will miss out on the chance to form companionship and bond with someone. Similarly, if you postpone job hunting, you will become less competitive in the market.

Talk or Don’t

Occasionally, all you need to do is talk about your conflicting emotions. Other times, all you need to do is carry on with your life. So, determine if you should talk about your feelings express them. The fact is that talking is not cathartic for everyone. Therefore, you must learn more about what suits you.
Spend Time with Friends
The next action you need to do is reach out to your friends and join in on the fun. Do not let mixed feelings deter you from connecting with others. It would merely end up causing things to be worse for you. Sometimes you need different perspectives, entertainment, and distraction to deal with problems. Besides, having supportive friends is a huge blessing.

Get Organized

Instead of multitasking and adding up emotions, you need to get organized. Clean the garage, arrange your wardrobe, and get rid of the mess. As you manage your surroundings, you get to organize the emotional chaos within you. Thus, organizing can help with emotional control.

Always remember that things work out in the end. Therefore, you should not be very hard on yourself.