As the New Moon rises, it ushers in a variety of energies with it. It changes the entire atmosphere and brings about possibilities. The waning moon is a time of unlimited potential. It provides you with the opportunity to try things anew. The new moon emphasizes the importance of taking care of your health. It is important that fellow Wiccans clean their space and prepare for their rituals with an intention to heal.

One of ways through which you can take advantage of the opportunity is by cleansing your body. Whether there is a new or full moon, a ritual bath will allow you to relax and achieve a sense of pleasure unlike any other. This post shares how you can prepare a cleansing herbal bath as a Wiccan.

Place Your Crystals

The first thing that Wiccans need to do to prepare for their herbal bath on the new or waning moon is place their crystal. Make sure that the crystals are placed under moonlight. Let the crystals remain under the moonlight throughout the night.

Get Fresh Herbs

Next, you need to get some fresh herbs or even dried herbs. For instance, you can get rosemary, sage, and some mint to make the perfect cleansing bath. Mint is famous for its skin healing properties and energizing scent, rosemary promotes energy and soothes the skin, and sage helps relieve tension and relaxes the body. Get a small handful of these herbs and combine them. Place these herbs in boiling water for around three minutes, while you prepare the rest of the bath. You can also add some peppermint essential oil, rosehip oil, lavender essential oil, and rosewater to accentuate the experience. Then, place the water into the bath.

Jump In

Finally, take out the crystals and place them beside the tub as you jump right in. Make sure to soak in the water for about half an hour to relax and clear your mind. The soaking will allow all the stress to float away. It will provide you with the energy to take on the world and your skin will look absolutely amazing.

Set the Mood

While you are in the bath, you have to set the right mood. You can also place some candles and ambient music or chant to Vedic traditions. It will help purify the entire space of negative energy and soothe your soul in ways that you cannot imagine.

Set Intentions

Finally, you need to set intentions as you start to relax your mind and soul. Remain silent and dive deep within the inner depths of your soul. It will allow you to release your inner harmony and inspire you beyond words. Then, you can set intentions to achieve everything in your life.

A cleansing herbal bath on the new or waning moon has a ton of benefits. By following the tips mentioned above, you will have the best experience and perfect your connection.