Reviews and Dealing with Haters

First off, criticism from haters has nothing to do with hating you. For whatever reason, with the Internet, negative people seem more bent to comment than those who are positive. So while a handful of harsh comments can make you think the world hates your book, don’t be intimidated. It’s possible just a few individuals.

Taylor Swift’s song goes through my head each time, and I simply “Shake it Off.” Remember, reading is all about understanding the reader and not so often about the author. Continue reading


Time Bound Book Trailer

Have you ever wondered how some people appear to have ample time to do everything they want to, whereas others are rushing from task to task, and never seem to complete anything?
Is it that the former have less to do? No, it’s more probable they are managing their time more and exercising excellent time management skills.
We all have the same 24 hours a day. How are you using it? It is essential to set clear goals and priorities to set aside non-essential responsibilities that can waste time and monitor where the time goes.

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The correct pronunciation is not sam-hane, but saw-vane saw-win sowen or soween. Samhain is recognized as the Wiccan’s New Year, as well as the Feast of the Dead.

It is a day to honor and to say goodbye to loved ones who have moved on, especially if their deaths have taken place within the last year. Samhain is furthermore an occasion for reflecting upon the last year, creating plans for the coming one, and specifically for eliminating vulnerabilities or other undesired aspects within us. Samhain is a cross quarter day, located in the heart of the Autumn Equinox as well as the Winter Solstice. Samhain initiates the Winter season. It is the last chance to dry herbs to save for winter, and a night when fairies are creating mischief. The same as it was for the Egyptians, ancient Mexicans and the Celts it is the Day of the Dead, the night when we think of our loved ones and celebrate our ancestors.

How to Celebrate

There are lots of ways to celebrate Samhain. Here a just a few:

Beautify your household with Samhain seasonal images as well as the colors of orange and black. Place an Autumnal wreath on your front door. Construct decorations with pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks, squash, apples and acorns.

Organize a Samhain dinner which includes a place setting at your supper table or at an adjacent altar for the Dead. Include a contribution of a sampling of each drink being consumed to the glass at that place setting, and to the plate, include a sample of each meal provided. Invite your ancestors and other deceased loved ones to take place and dine with you. To have this as a Samhain Dumb Supper experience, feast in silence. After the feast, set the contents of the plate and glass for the Dead outdoors in a natural area as a contribution for the Dead.

Reflect on you and your life over the recent year. Review notes, planners, photographs, blogs, and other notations you have established during the past year. Consider how you have developed, achievements, challenges, experiences, travels, and studies. Meditate. Journal about your year in review, your meditation, and your observations. 

Take a meditative stroll in a natural area near your home. Observe and ponder the colors, scents, sounds, and other impressions of the season.  If you are able, collect some natural items and upon your return use them to spruce up your home.

The most important thing to remember is there no wrong or right way to celebrate. Decide what’s right for you.


Summer Solstice Celebrations 2018

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, signifying the middle of summer. The celebration of this day takes place all throughout the world in many different shapes and forms. Druids and pagans celebrate it, performing rebirth rituals. Here are a few of the ways this occasion is celebrated worldwide.

Iceland, Reykjavik, Secret Solstice Festival

Iceland celebrates the summer solstice with a three-day long music festival. The sun sets on the eve of the summer solstice in Iceland at about midnight; it rises again just before 3 am. If you want to catch a few extra hours of sleep, you may want to use thicker curtains in your rooms. Iceland has a Secret Solstice Midnight Sun Music Festival, making use of the extra available daylight. Reggae, hip-hop and electronic acts take the stage, keeping people entertained.

England, Wiltshire, Stonehenge

Stonehenge itself is a site shrouded in mystery, mystics, archaeologists, and historians long debating its perplexing construction. The impressive structure was built by Neolithic humans, creating the enormous stone edifice using primitive tools, tools made from deer antlers and wood. Various theories proliferate regarding its purpose, but we may never know for sure what it was meant to be, whether a prehistoric observatory, a temple made to worship the ancient gods or an ancient burial ground, or perhaps something else. In today’s world, pagans, druids and other miscellaneous people are attracted to Stonehenge to watch the rising of the sun over its stone circle, aligned perfectly with the sunrise.

United States, New York, Times Square

The Big Apple celebrates the summer solstice in a unique way, holding a yoga event that lasts the whole day, beginning at 7 am and going on till sunset. The UN General Assembly has named the day the International Day of Yoga too, adding to the anticipation and enjoyment of the occasion. The event is broadcast via live webcast, enabling those not in New York to participate in it as well.

Austria, Tyrol, Solstice fires

Over here, mountain fires are lit to celebrate the summer solstice, a tradition going back to the medieval age, a time that saw native tribes using mystical fires as a form of worshipping the earth. Fires can be seen throughout the countryside in Austria as a form of celebration, particularly in Tyrol’s Wilder Kaiser region, in the mountains. Cable cars, on which one can enjoy breathtaking views, transport people to various events in the different mountain towns throughout the day going well into the evening. There is, on Lake Achensee, a cruise, and culinary and musical festivals in the backdrop of Nordkette Mountains in Innsbruck.

Sweden, Stockholm, Midsummer

The summer solstice marks an extremely important event in Sweden. Over here, midsummer is celebrated with decadent indulgence, rooted in pagan rituals. Swedes wear wildflower wreaths in their heads, eating potatoes, cured salmon and pickled herring, drinking flavored schnapps, and dancing around maypoles decorated in greenery and flowers. Celebrations take place all through the country, popular ones in Skansen Museum.



You Want To Do A Love Spell? Really?

frogs-903170_1920Let me start off by saying that if you are unhappy in your life, no spell will make that all disappear. Happiness does not come from spells; it comes from you knowing who you are, totally and honestly and from being one with nature. Before you can even cast a spell, you must be ready to believe in yourself, to learn and understand yourself, challenge your circumstances to change, and to listen while observing.

When the underlying problem still exists, a spell is not a magical band-aid that will make things all better. It is also very essential that you understand that the basis of Wicca are to do no harm, which includes influencing the hearts and souls of others.

While a love spell may assist you in strengthening your relationship or finding that special someone, you must also remember that it is not going to do all the work for you, and if it is not meant to be, it’s not going force a relationship. Sometimes what we believe we want, and what we actually need, are completely two different things.

If what you really want is true love, using a love spell to force someone else to love you will not get it. It’s more useful to do a spell that will bring you the individual that’s suitable for you, not the one person that you happen to be fixated with at the moment. Here’s a thought. If it were truly meant to be, you wouldn’t have to force it to happen. Would you? No matter how much you believe that the relationship is meant to be. In addition, do not rush it. It will happen when it happen.

Before you cast any spell, no matter the type, understand why you need to do it and are you ready to work for it. Don’t fool yourself, there will always be consequences.