Practical Magick

Where Wicca Fits In Society

There has been a revival in witchcraft in recent times. Wicca is all about working on good purposes and helping people in trouble. Being a witch is no more considered good or bad. It is about working positive magic. Although modern witches know how to bind and curse, Wicca plays a significant role in society. Some witches also work professionally as astrologers and tarot readers.

As society has evolved radically over the past few centuries, so has Wicca. People have moved from small villages to big cities, and it has become uncommon for them to form a relationship with their surrounding community. Face-to-face interactions have also decreased due to the popularity of the internet. As the world goes digital, witches are encouraging reconnection to the earth and its changes. The Wicca community is eager for more human contact. Open rituals and pub moots have become popular.

Pagan Identity

Wiccans or witches play a crucial role in the pagan community. But, many of them do not consider themselves to be pagans now. Although they might be engaging with the pagan community or spending time with them, it does not mean that they feel a responsibility towards the community. Witches are involved in different layers of our society. Modern forms of Wicca do not like to be defined as pagan or anything else as they have the freedom to choose. Witches feel a sense of obligation to help others in the craft and to come to their aid when needed.

Ritual Practices

There is a lot that our society can learn from Wiccan ritual practices since they deal mostly with inner work such as self-development and self-healing. Due to the disconnection in society, people are more drawn to shamanistic practices. Witches are well-versed in chanting spells, weaving, knitting, casting, healing, and other methods. The ritual practices tend to have a great impact on well being. By connecting with Wiccan traditions, people feel more connected to the world and can come together for a common goal. Ritual practices allow Wiccans to work together in harmony, which helps set a balance between good and bad.


There is a lot more witches can do besides just magic. They can work towards achieving freethinking, rights, and freedom. The internet has provided Wiccans with an opportunity to spread the word. Global campaigns are being launched to create awareness and show the world how Wicca is relevant in the world of today. Environmental work, women’s rights, homophobia, immigration, and global natural disasters are some of the issues that Wiccans genuinely care about. More people are researching their roots and trying to make sense of things. Wicca is showing others how following ancient rituals and setting new ones can help people achieve peace.

As Wicca becomes more relevant in society, it is important to learn more about the traditions and to accept the community entirely. Even though the world has become more accepting of Wiccans, more effort is needed to create a global movement.


The Winter Solstice

The date of Winter Solstice, also known as Yule, varies from 20-23 December depending on the Gregorian calendar. It is celebrated during this period in the northern hemisphere. Due to seasonal differences, the Summer Solstice is celebrated in the southern hemisphere at this time.

What Is Yule?

Yule is when the year moves towards the light, and the dark half of the year is relinquished. It means that each morning after the winter solstice, the sun stays longer and starts to climb a bit higher. Winter Solstice is also known as the Solstice Night, which is the longest night of the year. As the light begins to cover longer periods of the day, it is celebrated. It is believed that during our ancestors used to celebrate Oak King’s rebirth, who is the giver of life. The Sun King warmed our planet after a long period of frost. It is from this day onward that days become much longer.


Lighting bonfires made celebrations in the fields, and children went from one house to the next with clove spiked oranges and apples as gifts in their baskets. The oranges and apples are said to represent the sun. The Celts used boughs due to their belief that it symbolized immortality. Wheat stalks portrayed the harvest, and the accomplishment of good was portrayed by flour. Not only were decorations placed outside of homes, but even the inside was decorated with hopes of the Nature Sprites joining in on the celebration.

Moreover, a sprig of Holly had to be kept at the door throughout the year to invite good fortune into the home. Mistletoes were also used as decoration as they portrayed the Divine’s seed. The Druids had to travel into the forest for harvesting mistletoe.

The ceremonial Yule log highlights the Solstice Festival. The log is given as a gift or harvested in the land of the householder according to tradition. It could not be bought. The log was decorated with seasonal greenery and placed inside the fireplace. The log from last year was set ablaze to mark the beginning of a new year. It would burn the entire night. Modern practitioners can use pine or oak by flattening one side of it to set it upright. Three holes will need to be drilled into the top side for holding black, red, and white (the Great Goddess), black, gold, and green (the Sun God), or white, green, and red (season). The log should be further decorated with cloves, rosebuds, gold bows, red bows, and greener. Many of the Christmas customs today have been adopted from Yule. When you decorate your house with candles, holly, and a Yule tree, you are following these old traditions.Facebooktwitterpinterest

Was a Curse Placed on Me?

The belief that a curse was really put on you is doubtful. It’s not unthinkable, but it is unlikely. Most of the people who think they are cursed don’t want to confront the reality that unpleasant things sometimes happen for no known reason. 99% of the time, a curse has not been placed on you.

Ask yourself this. What did you do to deserve someone’s hatred and rage they would exert such effort and time cursing you? For a curse to actually take hold, it actually takes a lot of energy and magical skill. So, either the individual who’s cursing you is an adept conjurer or witch or is paying off a conjurer/witch good money to curse you for them.

Believe it or not, curses don’t come cheap. Ask yourself this, if someone has magical abilities to do it themselves? Do they have the cash to pay someone to curse you? If the answer is you’re uncertain, then you’re being paranoid. To consider yourself cursed, it takes more than one of these signs of a curse.

1. Seeing an omen with other signs of a curse could support your suspicions. Whether it’s seeing a blackbird or an owl.
2. If you’ve had good luck and then you seem to be experiencing a string of bad luck. Is this bad luck a product to your poor choices in life?
3. If you’re usually a positive, optimistic person, you’re experiencing depressing, maybe even dangerous thoughts. This could be a signal of a curse and that you’re under spiritual attack.
4. The easiest way for someone to curse you is if they have a piece of your personal belongings. If someone’s been in your home lately and something personal is missing, this could be a sign.

5. If you have a recurring dream of someone who is violating your personal space, breaking into your house, even stealing from you, could be a sign you are under psychic or spiritual attack. Your ancestors and guides will alert you.
6. Broken glass in your yard or doorstep can be a sign. Filled bottles containing cursing elements are thrown at an enemy’s front door, doorstep or yard. When it’s broken, the hex is released.
7. If you’re getting unusual or dangerous letters, whether direct or as an email, perhaps that very individual is cursing you. The message itself might be magically energized with negativity.

8. If you find strange things on your property that doesn’t belong to, this could be a clue someone is attempting to curse you.
9. Have you noticed dead or dying animals at your doorstep? Is there an animal that seems to stick around, checking you out more than usual? Maybe your pets come down with an illness or died. This may be another.
10. If you are a healthy individual and start developing an unexplained illness or unforeseen injuries, this may be a curse. Curses can be set to cause someone to become ill and waste away.

Whether you are or aren’t being cursed, understand this. Your fear feeds negativity. A curse is maintained by negativity. Don’t encourage fear. You are strong enough to break this cycle. Know this. Believe it.

If you answered yes to more than one sign of curses, you might be under spiritual attack. Ask your guides or ancestors to verify what is taking place through some measures of divination.

Thoroughly cleanse your space as well as yourself. Smudging is always the best means of removing negative entities along with floor washes and sweeps. Following a cleansing of your area and yourself, perform a spiritual cleansing or uncrossing bath.

Understand the curse is broken. Move on with your life. Don’t forget it’s essential to cleanse your space and yourself regularly.


About Samhain

Samhain or Halloween, as it is referred to today, is a pagan religious festival that has ancient Celtic roots. It originates from a Celtic spiritual tradition. Samhain is observed from 31 October to 1 November. It signifies the ushering of the dark half of the year and celebrates the harvest season. Observers of Samhain believe that during this time of the year, the barriers between the spirit world and the physical world break down. Thus, it leads to more interaction between people of the otherworld and humans.

Ancient Samhain

Considered to be the most important fire festival by ancient Celts, Samhain takes place between the winter solstice and fall equinox midpoints. Heart fires are left burning out in family homes as the harvest is gathered during this time of the year. Community fires are lighted by celebrants along with Druid priests using a wheel to create friction for sparking flames once the harvest work has been completed. The wheel represents the sun. Moreover, cattle were sacrificed, and people took a flame from the community fire back into their homes.
Samhain was a mandatory celebration according to early texts, and it lasted about three nights and three days. Community members had to present themselves before local chieftains and kings. People that failed to participate in the festival were believed to face punishment from the gods in the form of illness and even death.
In Ireland, there was also a military aspect to Samhain. Holiday thrones were made for soldiers and commanders. A death sentence was served on anyone that use their weapons or committed crime during the festival. Evidence shows that six days of consuming excess alcohol were observed as well as gluttony.

Samhain Monsters

Offerings were left outside fields and villages for fairies and Sidhs as it was believed that the barrier between the outside world could be breached during Samhain. People felt during this time their ancestors could cross over. Celts even dressed up as monsters and animals to avoid being kidnapped by fairies. Punkah is a shape-shifting creature that is commonly associated with Samhain. It required harvest offerings. Another mythological creature that was expected to visit was the Lady Gwyn that had a black pig. She was dressed in white and was headless. Lady Gwyn would chase away night wanders. The Dullahan was said to be a death omen. He was a headless man on a horse that carried his head around.

Samhain Myths

There are many Samhain myths which the Celts believed in. One of the most popular is the Second Battle of Mag Turied. It portrayed the final conflict between the evil oppressors and Tuatha de Danann. The battle took place during Samhain. The Adventures of Nera is also one of the most popular Samhain myths that tell of the story of the hero Nera, who encounters fairies and corpses and enters the otherworld.Facebooktwitterpinterest

The Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox or Mabon is the time of the year when the harvest starts to wind down. Since the crops are harvested for the coming winter, the fields become nearly empty. Autumn Equinox is the mid-harvest festival when the changing seasons are honored, and the second harvest is celebrated. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, Mabon is celebrated around September 21 and in the Southern Hemisphere around March 21 by Pagans. It is also a Wiccan tradition to give thanks for everything one has, such as blessings and abundant crops. Thus, Mabon is a time of gratitude and sharing with the less fortunate.  

What Is Mabon?

Mabon is named after the Welsh God, who is the son of Modron, the Earth Mother Goddess, and is referred to as the Child of Light. The term Mabon became popular in the 1970s. The counterpart of the Autumn Equinox is the Spring Equinox or Ostara, which is the day of the year when the day and night are in perfect equilibrium. There is a balance between the inner and outer, masculine and feminine, and dark and light. During the Autumn Equinox, the transition is made from light to darkness. It is when the darkness starts to defeat the light. The power of the sun is waning, and the nights would only grow longer from then onward. The days would become cooler and shorter. The green leaves would change their color to orange, red, and gold. Therefore, we will return to a period of darkness. 

Ceremonies and Rituals

The Autumn Equinox is celebrated in many different ways depending on the spiritual path of the individual. However, the main focus is on the balance between the light and darkness or the second harvest. Although the gifts of the earth are celebrated, the fact that soil is dying is also accepted. The crops are dormant, and the warmth has left us as the cold lies ahead. There are a few rituals that you can try out. Keep in mind that little planning will go a long way. The following rituals should be tried.

  • Set a Mabon Food Altar: Since Mabon is all about celebrating the second harvest season, it is essential to gather the bounty from the fields, gardens, and orchards.
  • Create a Mabon Altar: Decorate the altar with symbols and colors of the harvest season to celebrate the Sabbath. 
  • Mabon Balance Meditation: Restore some balance to your life if you are feeling lopsided spiritually by trying out simple mediation. 
  • Autumn Full Moon: It is a group ceremony where the full moon phases are celebrated. 
  • Gratitude Ritual: Follow a short gratitude ritual to express thankfulness to Mabon.
  • Mabon Apple Harvest Rite: Thank the gods for all the blessings by trying this apple ritual. It will allow you to enjoy the earth’s magic. 

The Autumn Equinox is a special time of the year. It is a time of celebration and gratitude. Explore the magic offered by apples and thank the gods for all the bounties.