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Going Skyclad In Wicca

When people talk about Pagans, they refer to dancing naked in the woods. It is an image that simply sticks to the mind. A lot goes into the ceremony that you need to know about. Whether you are a new Wiccan or just curious and want to know more about going skyclad, you have come to the right place. It is a practice that allows one to be a part of something special.

Why Go Skyclad?

Now, you must be wondering why one should even go skyclad. The fact is that people have worshipped naked in the open for a very long time. If you have seen carvings on cave walls, you must have concluded that our ancestors worshipped naked. Being nude allows certain ritual activities to be easily practiced. For instance, Native American tribes practice sweat lodge ceremonies wherein they pour water onto hot rocks. Everyone crawls into the lodge without any clothing. Men and women do have separate sweat lodges. 

Similarly, early Christians practiced baptism naked. The person seeking baptism and the priest would enter the water naked. However, the tradition died down over the centuries. Aseptic monks are known for giving up everything worldly, including clothing. A Jainist sect called Digambaras, which means skyclad, also practices spiritual detachment by getting naked. The term “Sky Clad” has inspired the modern Pagan belief. Besides, plenty of written records reveals that witches worshiped naked. Leland is an excellent source of inspiration for witches wanting to practice nude. He has constantly written about being free from everything and naked in your rites.

Most people consider magic to move more smoothly and strongly when nothing comes in the way. It is believed that nudity does not interfere with the body releasing energy, unlike clothing. To be truly free, one must remove contact lenses, glasses, jewelry, perfumes, make-up, and clothes. Others feel that being skyclad improves safety as no fabric comes in the way, which reduces the possibility of setting a fire. When you feel the heat, it becomes easier to be careful of fire.
Moreover, going skyclad puts one in the right state of mind. Even the slightest of things can divert our minds. Therefore, being naked indicates our freedom from the mundane and frees our minds for it to enter the sphere of magic.

When we remove status symbols, it helps break down barriers and establishes equality. Men and women face each other as equals. They get to realize their physical imperfections and inadequacies. Thus, they get to accept one another completely. Nudity also encourages bonding within a group, loyalty, trust, and honesty. Being nude also generates a thrill unlike any other. It allows the body to unleash its maximum power. Finally, going skyclad is all about being in front of God as we were sent into the world without any clothes. The Wiccan religion is all about love and lust. There is no reason to feel guilty about finding someone attractive.


Exploring the Elements In Wicca

Each element has a purpose in Wicca. Nothing is created in vain. There is an answer to every question. To be a Wiccan, one has to have an open mind and think critically. The Pagan religion offers solutions for everything, even if things seem subtle. Witches pay homage to the elements. They are the forces of nature that form the core or foundation of everything.
The fact is that everything in our universe consists of elements. Wiccans revere these elements and include them in day-to-day life, rituals, and celebrations. Having a deep understanding of the elements is crucial before diving into the Pagan religion. The concept behind the elements is not something new. Empedocles was a Greek philosopher who credited the elements for being the root of the matter. Although his writings might have been lost, his ideas remain and are accepted by most Pagans.

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Divination with Runes

Runes divination is an ancient practice. Modern Pagans continue to follow this practice today. Runes can be compared to reading tarot cards. However, it is key to note that rune casting does not predict the future or tell your fortune. Instead, it only provides guidance and works with your subconscious to solve problems. Even though their meanings can be pretty obscure at times, modern readers who cast runes find that they can incorporate them to ask specific questions.

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Amulets, Talismans, and Charms

Many people believe in amulets, talismans, and charms. However, there are only a few people who actually try them out. If you think that they are only for historic interest, you could not be more wrong as they are still used to do this day. Even though you might not have come across people wearing amulets, talismans, or charms, it does not mean that their popularity has died down. No matter where you might be located globally, a noticeable amount of the population wears amulets and charms. It is common to confuse the three as being a synonym. However, they have their fair share of differences, as mentioned below.


Amulets are said to have been worn by people for thousands of years for protection. Early humans lived in a strange and frightening world where things occurred without any proper explanation. Thus, amulets were used for protecting livestock, families, and entire homes. They were used to ward off the evil eye. The belief behind the evil eye is that a person or animal could harm another by simply staring at them with an evil intention.
The belief is thought to be at least five thousand years. Many religions confirm the belief of the evil eye, such as Islam. Ancient clay tablets even detail the damage inflicted by the evil eye. Ea, a Sumerian god, spent most of his time fighting the evil eye. Various types of amulets are worn to avert the evil eye. Originally, amulets were natural items like semi-precious stones or even animal teeth. Many police officers during the early twentieth century in New York even carried medals as amulets for protection. You can either purchase an amulet or create one yourself.


Talismans are different from amulets as they are created to provide energy, power, and specific benefits. They are often used for their astrological or spiritual significance. Talismans are commonly made using metal, stone, or parchment. The substances can be used for inscribing pictures or words for additional power. Talismans tend to be made with the help of predatory animals such as the feather of an eagle, shark tooth, or leopard claw. People who are involved in competitive fields use talismans to achieve their goals.


Finally, there are also charms. They are also referred to as lucky charms. These were initially being sung or spoken. The word “charm” is derived from the French word “Charme,” which means song. When a priest gives a blessing towards the end of a service is considered a charm. However, people have opted for a solid object rather than spoken words. Today, charms are considered objects that hold special significance, such as the cross of Jesus. Anything can be regarded as a lucky charm, such as coins and buttons. Anything that you find to be lucky can be considered a lucky charm.

Now you will know about the differences between amulets, talismans, and charms. Thus, you will get to use the right option for the right occasion. 


Basic Pagan Principles

What Is The Wiccan Rede?

Whether you are interested in the Wicca religion or are new to the modern Pagan religion, chances are that you have come across the Wiccan Rede. When we talk about the laws of Wicca, the Wiccan Rede holds priority. It is impossible to ignore it. Most magical practitioners today use it. Now, it is essential to note that the Wiccan Rede serves as a guideline. Today’s Pagans have no ethical standards or universal set of rules to adhere to.

The earliest version of the Wiccan Rede was popularized by Doreen Valiente during the early 60s. Then, Lady Gwen Thomspon published a new version of the Rede in the 70s in a Pagan magazine called “The Green Egg.” She credited Adriana Porter, her grandmother, for the work. Aleister Crowley also produced a similar guideline wherein he advised readers to love without any limitations. He has admitted to being influenced by Homilies on St. John’s First Epistle, a much older text of St. Augustine. Lady Gwen Thompson’s version is prevalent today among Wiccans. It would be unreasonable for you to assume that every Pagan follows the Wiccan Rede. Besides, not every Pagan is a Wiccan. There is vast room for interpretation.

Never Causing Harm

When you read the Wiccan Rede, you will conclude that one should never cause any harm. The fact is that death is considered a part of life in the religion. Eating a steak, killing a cow and eating it, munching on a celery stick, or any other moral dilemma is just a tiny issue compared to what goes on in the world. No matter what choice you make, you are constantly faced with the challenge of not harming someone.

If you read Lady Gwen Thompson’s Wiccan Rede, you will notice that parts of it are pretty old. Wiccan authors Theitic and Robert Mathiesen have dissected each line of the Rede and have made startling conclusions. Most of the rhymed couplets can be found in other places, especially 19th-century folklore. Archaic language is also widely used in the Rede, wherein old English grammar rules are followed. It only cares to show that Lady Gwen Thompson’s Wiccan Rede had two authors, herself and her grandmother.

Importance of the Wiccan Rede

Any Wiccan starting out can turn to the Wiccan Rede as a guideline. With so much information available today, it can be challenging to find the information you are looking for. Hence, it makes perfect sense to read the Wiccan Rede. It holds the answers that you seek. You will be blown away by its emphasis on love and not harming anyone. As a Wiccan, you have a responsibility to spread love and nothing else. Hence, you need to read the Wiccan Rede to ensure that you are on the right path. 

There is no reason for you not to want to uphold the values that Wiccans have followed for a long time now. You will find the teachings to be beneficial.

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