Personal Growth and Development

Overcoming Trauma

Psychological trauma can take a toll on your mental health. Studies reveal that close to 70 percent of adults go through some kind of traumatic event in their lifetime. Many people tend to develop post-traumatic disorder. The reason behind this is that trauma is very difficult to process. It has a full impact on our lives. However, there are certain things that we can do to overcome trauma.

Minimize Exposure

The first thing that you need to do to overcome trauma is minimize exposure. No matter what might be the trigger, you have to eliminate it from your life. If your best friend keeps bringing up a sensitive topic, it is important that you let them know that you do not want to talk about it. 

Similarly, if there is something in your home that brings you back to a difficult part in your life, you should throw it away.

Accept How You Feel

Next, you need to accept your feelings. When you experience traumatic stress, you will experience all types of difficult emotions such as guilt, anger, and shock. You need to accept your emotions and realize that it is truly to react when you lose something or go through a tough time. Accept your feelings and allow yourself to be free. Let yourself mourn for any losses.

Challenge Yourself

Now, if you truly want to overcome trauma, you have to challenge yourself. Stop feeling helpless and take positive action to get over hopelessness and fear. Even the smallest of actions bring about a huge impact in your life. You can volunteer and connect with others to come out of the tragedy and live life.

Get Moving

When it comes to traumatic stress, many of us lack the desire to move. However, if you want to overcome trauma, you will need to get moving. There is no other way around it. Exercise and burn off those extra calories to release fell-good endorphins. 

It will boost your mood and make you more mindful about what is going on in your life. Try exercise and add a fun activity into your life to boost your energy and motivation levels.

Reach Out

Post traumatic disorder can result in you wanting to withdraw from social activities and friends. However, if you want to recover, you have to connect face to face with people. Even something as simple as talking to someone face to face can provide you with much-needed relief. It is not necessary to discuss your traumatic experience with others. Simply reaching out will make you feel better.

Focus on Stress Reduction

Although a certain amount of stress is not harmful, it is important that you focus on stress reduction activities to recover from a tragic event or disaster. Too much of stress is bad for your health. You will need to meditate, go for a walk, and sleep to recover.


Learning to Love Yourself

The idea of loving yourself might seem ideal. However, most of us do not know how to practice self-love.  It is easy to tell others to love themselves when we ourselves struggle with it. But, there is no need to worry as this post takes a close look at how you can learn to love yourself. Each tip mentioned below will teach you to be more loving and accepting.

Allow Yourself to Feel Pain and Take Responsibility over Your Emotions

The first thing that you need to do is allow yourself to feel pain. Learn to take responsibility for your emotions. Follow your breath mindfully to feel present and embrace all those feelings. It is important that you move towards your emotions instead of running away from them. 

You should not turn to addiction to numb out the pain, judge yourself, or stay in your head. Feelings are informational. You just have to learn to accept them.

Move On with the Intention to Learn

Now, you cannot simply hold onto emotions. You have to learn from them and move on with your life. If some feelings cause you pain, you need to get over them. It is the only way that you can bring love into your life.

Uncover False Beliefs

Next, you need to think deeply to explore your beliefs. It will allow you to learn about those beliefs that cause you pain. Reconnect with your inner child to ask yourself about how you feel about certain beliefs and behavior. 

Even the simplest of things could be the cause of emptiness, loneliness, anger, jealousy, shame, guilt, depression, and anxiety. After you have uncovered the cause of certain feelings, you can start to get rid of them.

Start an Inner Dialogue

The fact is that it is not that difficult to connect with your higher self to seek guidance. You need to start an inner dialogue. Open your mind to learning how to love yourself. It is not necessary for the answers to come immediately. It might take some time for the answers to come up. 

They could come in the form of words or dreams. As long as you open your heart to learning, you will find answers.

Take Loving Action

A common mistake that people make is thinking that loving themselves is a feeling that can be conjured up. That is not how it works. You should think about what you can do to love yourself instead of how you can channel such a feeling. Now, you have reached the point where you start to learn and tap into your universal knowledge.

Evaluate Your Actions and Start Again

Finally, you have to evaluate your actions and start again. Once you have taken loving action, you should look into how you feel. If you are getting healed, it means that you are moving in the right direction. Allow a sense of peace and joy to take over your mind.

Learning to love yourself requires you to put in the effort. It is not a thought but a way of life. By focusing on the steps mentioned above, you will see a difference in no time.


Becoming More Independent

The feeling of being independent is unlike any other. Many of us strive to be more independent but end up failing. If you are someone who wants to be less reliant on others, you need to be willing to put in the effort to be more independent. Although it is important that you have the desire to be more self-reliant, you also have to learn how to be independent if you want to succeed. To help you become more independent, we share the best tips as mentioned below.

Know Who You Are

The first step that you need to take to be more independent is to know who you are. To be whoever you want to be, you need to find out who you are. Think deeply to learn about your essence. Ask yourself about what makes you happy and what irks you to get started. You need to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. There is bound to be something that you truly enjoy doing and something that you absolutely hate. After you learn about who you are, you get to work on how to improve yourself to gain the ultimate freedom.

Take Back Your Power

If someone or something is holding you back, you need to take back your power. A major factor in finding independence is freeing yourself from the control that others have over you. To take back your power, you have to learn to rely less on people for doing things that you can do. This will enable you to make your own decisions. Ask your friends and family members about what they about you being independent. Are you able to maintain your desk, car, or room? You need to demonstrate that you would not make others worried.

Practice Thinking Independently

To think independently, it means that you have to explore your own choices, weight the options available, and seek an opinion from others instead of approval. Always call the shots to be truly independent. Even if you take the wrong decision, you will prevent others from controlling you. For example, if you have got a job and want to move out, it is important that you think about the decision on your own. If you are capable of taking care of yourself and can handle everything, it is about time that you proved to yourself that you can be more independent.


When it comes to being more independent, you should have no trouble asking for assistance. If you have tried to resolve the issue and have had no luck, you can ask people around you to help you out. You should ask for help but do not give others the power to make decisions for you.

Being more independent is not easy. However, its rewards outweigh its cons. Hence, it is important that you consider the tips mentioned in this post to become your most independent self. You will realize just how amazing it can be when you do things on your own for a change.   


Make New Habits Stick

A habit takes some time to form. However, once you have developed a habit, it can help you run things on autopilot. Whether you want to get into the habit of eating healthy or want to get things done automatically, this post looks at some of the best tips to make new habits stick. If you struggle to form new habits, there is nothing to worry about because the following tips will help you create new habits and stick to them. So, what are you waiting for? Learn how to make new habits stick

Commit To It for a Month
Creating habits takes time. This is why you need to commit to your new habit for at least a month if you want it to become automatic. Only when you manage to get through the initial conditioning phase, will you be able to sustain a new habit. Commit to the new habit for a whole month if you want to make a change.

Do It Daily
Consistency is crucial to forming a new habit. If you want to eat healthy or workout, you should prepare healthy meals every day and hit the gym regularly for the first month. When you have some cheat days in the beginning, it prevents you from forming a habit. Do things daily if you want to run on autopilot.

Start Simple
The key to forming habits is starting small. You cannot force yourself to eat an entirely vegetable-based diet on the first day or run 10 miles straight. You need to start simple and work your way from there. You cannot completely change a habit within a day. You have to take small steps to reach the top.

Remind Yourself About Your “Why”
We all have a reason why we aim to create new habits. If you want your new habit to stick, you need to continually remind yourself about what motivated you in the first place. It is easy to forget what encouraged you to form a new habit. Place a reminder on your phone or leave a note on your wall. It will remind you about why you started and will get you going.

Stay Consistent
Consistency is everything. The more consistent you are, the easier it will be for the new habit to stick. If you want to work out, then you should work out every day at the same time and in the same place. By being consistent, you set a time and place in your mind to do something on autopilot.

Get a Friend to Join You
Some battles are tough on your own. You should get a friend to join you. It will help keep you motivated to go through with it, and your friend will prevent you from quitting.


Guide to Setting Goals

Setting goals is not a straightforward task. If you are searching for a guide to help you set goals, then you have come to the perfect place.
Learn how to set goals that are realistic and achievable. Now, you will be able to set goals that will help make your life a whole lot easier. Goals are crucial as they provide us with a sense of direction. The following tips should be followed when setting goals.

Set Goals That Are Worthwhile

One of the first actions that you need to do is set useful goals. Instead of just creating a lengthy list of goals, you should focus on making a shortlist of goals that you wish to achieve. It will help prevent you from becoming distracted by impossible goals. Identify and set goals that are worth the attempt.

Set Achievable Goals

Although there are so many things that we want to accomplish in our lives, we must be honest with ourselves. Hence, we should choose attainable goals. Be sensible and do not set yourself up for something that cannot be obtained. It will merely waste your time on something that could not be carried out from the beginning.

Make Specific Goals

If you want to stay motivated to achieving your goals, then you need to make specific goals. Avoid setting goals that are vague as they would confuse you about what you want to achieve. By setting specific goals, you will know what you need to do.

Commit to the Goals

Only when you fully commit to achieving goals will you end up meeting them. This is why you need to remind yourself about staying committed to your goals. There are numerous things that you can do to stay on track, such as by creating a vision board or a to-do list of everything that needs to be done every day to achieve your goals.

Make the Goals Public

If you want to achieve goals, you need to make them public. The more people you tell about your goals, the more committed you will be to staying true to your word. Let all your close friends know what you aim to achieve, and they might even help you achieve those goals.

Prioritize the Goals

When setting goals, you should make them a priority. Treat your goals as something that you cannot live without achieving. Live and breathe your goals. There is no better way to achieve them.

Make Realistic Goals

As much as we like to live in a world of fantasy, we must acknowledge reality. Hence, you need to set realistic goals.

Set Deadlines for the Goals

Finally, to set goals that will be a success, you need to set deadlines. Have a deadline for each goal. It will keep you on your heels.

Every year we declare to ourselves, we will set new goals and end up not sticking to most of them. Start now to break that habit!