Personal Growth and Development

What is Crystal Healing and What Does It Do

New age wellness has become all the rage in recent times. Everyone is obsessed with past life regression therapy and salt therapy. However, if there is on form of self-care that you need to know more about, it is crystal healing. You might have heard of it online. Proponents of crystals believe that crystals possess healing energy. If used properly, crystals can release calming, energizing, uplifting, and positive vibrations that will help one achieve true peace. There are different types of crystals and each crystal offers a different effect.
Since our bodies are electromagnetic organisms, there is spiritual, mental, and physical energy flowing from us at all times. By using crystals, it is possible to direct that energy towards the desired direction to achieve the best results. The fact is that our ancestors have always used crystals. Ancient Egyptians made use of crystals for protection and healing.

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Using Journaling for Self Growth

Although meditation is helpful for self-improvement and growth, it is not enough on its own. This is why there is a need to add journaling to your routine. You will notice dramatic improvements when you start writing a journal. If you are considering journaling for self-growth and are looking for advice, you have come to the right place. The following tips will help you journal right.

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Setting Up a Successful Atmosphere

Managing employees is not easy. The root cause of every unsuccessful company is an inhospitable workplace environment. The fact is that nobody wants to work in a toxic environment. If you’re going to boost productivity and reduce labor turnover, you must create a thriving atmosphere where everyone can thrive. Motivation is highly linked to the atmosphere. Hence, you need to make the right environment. The following tips will help you set up a successful atmosphere in no time.

Clear Communication

The secret to setting the foundation for a wonderful atmosphere is clear communication. When you ensure good communication between employees, you get to create the perfect environment. You need to effectively communicate with your employees to make sure that they understand what they should achieve. Similarly, employees expect you to understand their requirements. Therefore, an equal amount of communication is needed.

Listen to Everyone

To create the perfect environment, you need to listen to everyone. Encourage your employees to discuss ideas. You never know. Their opinions might help you succeed. There is a reason behind why each employee works for your company. You should get your workers to share their thoughts. It will also help ensure that they do not harbor any resentment towards the business and continue to work efficiently. Brainstorming sessions could help your organization grow. You can set up specific times to bounce ideas.

Recognize Hard Work

At the end of the day, we all crave recognition. You must recognize hard work and reward employees for doing a good job. When you realize hardworking employees, you install in every employee the need to work hard. Your employees will appreciate your effort and will strive to help the organization succeed. A great way to acknowledge employees is by holding regular meetings and discussing what employees have achieved.

Show Your Trust

As employees grow, you need to show your trust. It will provide them with a sigh of relief. The last thing you need to do is suffocate your employees with supervision. Therefore, you have to ensure that all your employees feel trusted. Micromanaging is something that should be avoided as it creates a hostile environment. Morale suffers when you do not show trust.

Have Some Fun

Since employees spend 8 hours of their day at the workplace, you must keep them happy. A happier employee tends to perform a lot better in comparison to a miserable one. Having fun and being professional are not two different things. Host small contests and encourage employees to take a break. It will boost productivity levels significantly.

Lead the Way

Now that you know how to set up a successful, positive atmosphere, all you need to do is lead the way. Show employees what is right and instill the correct behavior in them. Set the right tone through your work ethic. Even a single smile could help offer excellent results. You just need the right attitude to make a difference.


Becoming More Accountable and Responsible

When you work on your own, it can be challenging to hold yourself accountable. If you are ambitious and full of unique ideas, you must learn to discipline yourself. By keeping yourself accountable, you get to become your own manager. Management is not rocket science. You just need to know more about motivation, support, and accountability. To keep yourself going, you just have to motivate yourself to push through. The following tips will help you become more accountable.

Write Everything

One of the best tips that will boost your degree of accountability is writing. When you write down all your goals, you will feel an obligation to meet them. Most people find writing down their plans to be effective. It allows them to focus on one goal at a time. You can fill in multiple sticky notes and go through them from time to time to ensure accountability. Create a plan for the bigger picture. You could even get a large whiteboard for writing down all your goals.

Create a Mission Statement

Next, you need to create your very own mission statement. You could come up with one like “Live life to the fullest.” It can be broken down into working relentlessly to create more opportunities. The personal mission statement does not need to be long-winded. It can be something simple. You want a mission statement that will push you to succeed. You can read it aloud every morning to fuel your inner fire.

Reward Yourself

To ensure accountability, you need to reward yourself. Whenever you accomplish something new, you can take a break or offer yourself something to boost your happiness. You must break down your goals and reward yourself as you progress. It can be beneficial to reward yourself from time to time. By doing so, you will make yourself more accountable. Besides, if you do not take time off to recharge, you will burn out.

Review Your Performance

Another tip that will ensure that you are accountable is performance reviews. When you review your performance, you need to be brutally honest. At the end of the day, there is no reason for you to hide from yourself. You should be honest about your success and failure. By reviewing your performance, you get to hold yourself accountable. The fact is that you should come clean to yourself so that you can identify areas where you can improve.

Seek Feedback

Finally, you must constantly seek feedback. Although you should review your performance on your own, it is always better to ask others to provide input. You need them to be completely honest with you. Ask a friend or even an employee to help you out. You can even request someone to mentor you and provide you with feedback.

Once you have finished reading this post, you will learn how to be more accountable. From writing everything down to seeking feedback, each tip mentioned above will help you succeed in life.


Building a Connection with Your Spirit Guides

Building a Connection with Your Spirit Guides

Every person has a spirit guide no matter where they come from or what they might believe in. Spirit guides help send you the right message. If you are interested in channelling your spirit guide to unlock unlimited wisdom, you have come to the right place.
There are different types of spirit guides that you need to know. They include archangels, guardian angels, spirit animals, ascended masters, departed loved ones, and helper angels. The archangels are the leaders and the guardian angels solely look after you. Each spirit guide can help you in life. Take advantage of the following tips to communicate with them.

Learn to Become More Present

One of the most important tips that will help you seek your spirit guide is learning to become more present in daily life. In order to receive guidance from a spirit guide, you need to be able to recognize their messages. Most of the time, we are too lost in our lives to notice what our spirit guides have to say. Therefore, it is important that you dedicate some time to meditate every day. It will help quieten your mind and open up a world of possibilities.

Look for Signs Daily

There are certain signs that you need to notice every day. They will reveal to you things that you could have never even imagined. Once you are present, your spirit guides will be aware and will send you even more helpful messages. Keep reminding yourself that there is a sign in everything to find an answer to everything.

Create a Spirit Guide Journal

Another great tip that you should consider is creating a spirit guide journal. It will help increase your communication with your spirit guide. The spirit guide journal is a sacred place where one gets to write to their spirit guide and think about them whenever they require assistance. Write about things that you need an answer to and your guide will show you signs. Moreover, you might forget what you have encountered. Hence, it is important that you read the journal regularly to make sense of things.


Learn More about Your Guides

The spirit guides are here to help you in life. This is why you need to take the initiative and learn more about them. It is a good idea to assign names to them. When you give a name to your guides, they will feel more real to you and you will continue to focus on developing a connection with them. Each guide has something to offer. Hence, you can learn something from every one of them.

Improve Your Intuition

Finally, what you need to do is improve your intuition. We all have intuition. However, most of us fail to use it to its full potential. With some practice, you should be able to improve your intuition in no time.

Spirit guides can help you with just about everything in life. Make sure to spend some time on your own to improve your ability to communicate with them and learn to listen to your inner voice. It will point you in the right direction.