The Supernatural Fantasy Side

Wandering Soul of the Dybbuk

The Possession, The Dybbuk, The Unborn, and Demon are just a few of the movies that depict Dybbuk. According to European Jewish folklore and Kabbalah, a Dybbuk is a spirit of the dead that attaches itself to a living person. The world itself is derived from Hebrew and means attachment. Adherents to Kabbalah believe that a person unable to fulfill their purpose in life has the opportunity to become a Dybbuk.

What Is A Dybbuk?

A Dybbuk is a dead person’s spirit that seeks out people who experience similar circumstances or challenges and attaches to that person’s body.

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The Civil Rights Movement and the Role of African American Women

African American women have always been vital to the Civil Rights Movement. Scholar Belinda Robnett argues that while Black women were usually kept from leadership positions in national organizations, their labor and sacrifice were essential in keeping the movement going.
African American Women in Civil Rights Movement
Below I have given two African American women in the Civil Rights Movement.

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Fenrir: The Norse Monstrous Wolf

Fenrir, known by the pronunciation “FEN-rir,” Old Norse Fenrir, which means “He Who Dwells in the Marshes,” is the most infamous wolf of the many wolves in Norse mythology.
Fenrir, the monstrous wolf, was a son among the three terrible children of Loki, the demoniac god and giantess, Angrboda. The other two children were Jormungand, a giant serpent, and Hel, the goddess of the dead. These two children were thrown out of Asgard, the home of the gods, by Odin. But Odin felt that the gods could look after Fenrir. With time, Fenrir grew very large, and Tyr-the son of Odin – was the only person who was brave enough to approach and feed him. Later the gods decided to chain Fenrir, who had grown into a beast.

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Shadow People: The Paranormal Entity

Many people report seeing the shadow people but do not know what to make of it. Have you ever just been watching TV, and suddenly, you see a shadowy figure next to the television? It is a dark and shadowy figure that might leave you feeling scared and not knowing what to do. It is still up for debate whether shadow people are paranormal or not.


When we talk about shadow people, descriptions of shadowy figures that resemble humans have been found in folklore and religious texts over the centuries across different cultures. According to ancient Islamic theology, these supernatural creatures are called Jinn. “Shadow people” is the modern term that is used for them. It was initially coined by Heidi Hollis, who is a paranormal researcher. She claims that shadow people have always been around and tend to appear as a dark human-shaped silhouettes. It is normal for individuals to dread the dark. The reason behind it is that our eyes can play tricks on us once the lights are low. Even a jacket hanging on the door can seem like a silhouette.

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Hellhounds the Bringers of Death

Hellhounds are popular mythical creatures that often appear in horror stories and movies. But what are they, exactly? Where do they come from? What do they do? In this post, we’ll explore the origins of hellhounds and what they represent.

What are Hellhounds?

Hellhounds are thought to be the servants of Hades in Greek mythology or Satan and his minions. These creatures are believed to be the guardians of Hell. They protect those within it and patrol the portal that is supposed to lead directly into it. The hellhound is also seen as an entity with a single task. To hunt down those damned souls who have escaped from Hell. Upon their escape, these souls cannot return to Hell until they are captured by a hellhound and dragged back by force. This is why they have been depicted as demonic creatures with flaming eyes, which can be seen patrolling both sides of Hell.

The most common belief that has been brought forth is that the hellhounds were created by either Hades or Satan himself. This is because they are depicted as capable of creating such creatures in several instances.
Amongst most western cultures, Hellhounds are considered dangerous and intimidating creatures with supernatural origins. This is mainly because many legends claim that these monsters make certain regions within Hell uninhabitable for living beings.

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