Interested in beginning a Wiccan journey? Keep reading…

There are over one million practicing Wiccans in the world today. Chances are you know someone who practices it or have heard of someone who does. Maybe you never found the courage to ask questions or don’t know how to begin your own journey.

Well, that changes today.

Wicca Beginnings is your comprehensive guide to studying the Wiccan religion and its practices on your own. It provides a starting point for beginners or novice practitioners. Newcomers are always welcome.

What you’ll discover in this guide is:

  • What Wicca is and how it differs from witchcraft
  • Basic beliefs and principles
  • The witch’s pyramid and elements
  • What tools to use
  • Everything you need to know about ceremonies, rites, and rituals

And more!

This guide is your entry point to studying this fascinating religion in-depth and finding the answers you need to begin practicing.

If you want a solid understanding of Wicca, this book is the perfect tool to have.

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