Beneath the veil of the New World’s dawn, the ancient rhythms of Africa whispered secrets of resilience and rebirth through the prayers of the Lucumi.

Lucumi: The Ways of Santeria is an immersive exploration into the heart of Santeria, a rich and complex religion that blends African traditions with Roman Catholic elements, originating from the Yoruba people of West Africa and flourishing in the Caribbean. This enlightening book offers readers an in-depth look into the practices, beliefs, and rituals of the Lucumi faith, a variant of Santeria, detailing the religion’s journey from its African roots to its adaptation in the New World.

Through vivid narratives, the text navigates the syncretic nature of Santeria, highlighting its resilience and adaptability as it merged with Catholicism, allowing enslaved Africans to preserve their spiritual heritage under the guise of Christian worship. Lucumi: The Ways of Santeria delves into the significance of Orishas – the deities central to the religion – and their roles in the lives of practitioners, offering insights into the intricate ceremonies, dances, and musical rhythms that constitute worship and communication with the divine.

Discover your connection to the Orishas today – immerse yourself in the sacred and the sublime. Get your copy now and begin a transformative journey into the heart of Santeria.

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