Discover Divination with Diloggun, one of the oldest known spiritual practice in the world.

This book details the rich history of coconut and cowrie shell divination and introduces readers to its powerful technique that allows them to connect to the wisdom of ancestors, spirits, and deities. It invites readers to follow its origins with the West African Yoruba people to lands as far away as Brazil, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.
Learn about the divination systems, the meaning behind the sixteen cowrie shell combinations, the powerful messages of the Orishas and the great mystical divination techniques of these sacred magical tools.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Where West African cowrie-shell divinations are found
  • What Diloggun divination is
  • The Obi divination

And more!

The history, hands-on instructions, and theories outlined in this book will teach you how to use the shells to answer your questions and ultimately achieve your true destiny if you so desire.