Is there nothing better than a nice, hot bath or shower with a luscious and rejuvenating body scrub?

What if you could make your own?

You can!

Body scrubs are addictive, but if you’re the average consumer, that addiction can be downright expensive. With a little help, you can make your own and save your hard-earned money for other things.

Creating Your Own Body Scrub provides simple instructions for various body scrubs that you can make in your own home in no time flat.

This book will open your eyes to how easy and well-worth the effort it is to make your own body scrubs and enjoy the many benefits.

What you’ll find inside includes:

  • The benefits of making your own
  • How to use them properly and efficiently
  • Recipes for different options like moisturizing scrubs, essential oil scrubs, sugar and coffee scrubs and more of your favorite or soon-to-be favorite DIY body scrubs.

Do yourself and your pocketbook a favor and buy your copy of Creating Your Own Body Scrub now!