Discover the rituals, spells, and magic behind African Spirituality Beliefs and Practices.

African Spirituality Beliefs and Practices has long been the source of wonder. Movies and books and television programs purport to know everything about its beliefs and practices, but few seek facts, answers to their questions, or see it in practice.

The African Spirituality Beliefs and Practices Series aims to correct rumors, separate fact from fiction, and teach you everything you need to know about the many rituals, beliefs, and spells.

In this series, you’ll learn about:

  • Hoodoo
  • Seven African Powers: The Orishas
  • Cooking for the Orishas
  • Lucumi: The Ways of Santeria
  • Voodoo of Louisiana
  • Haitian Vodou
  • Orishas of Trinidad
  • Connecting with your Ancestors
  • Vodun: West Africa’s Spiritual Life
  • Marie Laveau: Life of a Voodoo Queen
  • Candomblé: Dancing for the Gods

And more!

Discover the nuances, the deep meanings, how to properly honor the deities, and how these seemingly opposing practices and beliefs are uniquely tied to each other and to Vodun, Hindu, Shango, Jesus, and the Buddha.

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