Skyla Thorne, born from a powerful Witch lineage, awakens in a small room to find herself in another woman’s body. She has all of this woman’s memories, with no feelings behind them. Her last true memory over a century ago was when she was killed.
Skyla literally runs into Brody, who was once in a relationship with the woman whose body Skyla is now in. Brody thinks she is just finding a way to brush him off. When it turns out that the Dark Witch’s ally has risen in search of her, Brody intervenes and assist.
With the Summer Solstice nearing, she must get to Corbliss, West Virginia to perform the ritual to keep the Dark Witch from rising. She feels the growing attraction for a man who she knows loves another woman; Skyla forces herself to face the darkness that’s coming and find out what happened to her sisters, while losing the man who loves another.

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