Third Quarter Goals (August Update)

So not only do I write I also work part-time. I actually like it, although I never saw myself working in retail again. I think this time I look at it differently and try to make each customer’s day a little brighter even when I can see they are in a bad mood.

I am so surprised to see so many come from where I grew up. Usually it’s one or two towns over. You just can’t mistake that New York accent! Still, as soon as I get home I feed the kids, grab a water and sit in that chair.

Therefore, with that being said, here go my goals for the third quarter.

Complete one fiction book a month. Fifty percent completed. Don’t know if I will finish before we head out for our trip. So many things keep popping up last minute and then there’s the “family gathering.”

Complete one non-fiction book a month. I was able to get two completed. I believe this was because I knew it was something I wouldn’t want to have looming when we returned home.

Read four books a month. I surprised myself with reading six books last month. True I was up to midnight most nights, but when you get a good book in your hands, it’s hard to stop.

Work on my Polish. Husband said to me that I should expect everyone speaking Polish when we go on our trip. We are going to Poland, right? What he meant is that we will be meeting lots of family, some he hasn’t seen since he was little. Aunts and uncles that are “old school” Polish.

Back to exercising. My husband and I went to the a Polish store in Palm Coast. I knew I was in trouble. Polish beer. Needless to say I have gain two pounds. Just need to move around more. Six hours in front of the computer does not help.

Even though I didn’t list it, quick look at my social media goal.

2611 Facebook Likes goal is 2500.

2242 Twitter followers goal is 2500.

187 YouTube subscribers goal is 200.

483 Instagram followers goal is 500.

Until next time…



Third Quarter Goals

Summer is going to fly by. I know it. Not only do I have a scheduled trip to Europe, but husband came home and said that we need to go on a cruise. Even though I can write anywhere, I still need the internet for everything else. That’s just how things are nowadays.

The last two quarters I focused on my social presence. Although that is very important, I refuse to stress over it this quarter. My concern will be my writing. It’s the one thing I’ve wanted to do since I first got my hands on a Nancy Drew book.

So with that being said, here go my goals for the third quarter.

Complete one fiction book a month. This is where I struggle, but I will keep going until it is achieved. “When the going get tough, the tough get going.”

Complete one non-fiction book a month. I am interested in so many things, I don’t think I’ll have to struggle for a new title monthly.

Read four books a month. Two geared towards writing and two for my pleasure. Growing up I remember the RIF commercial and it always said, “Reading is fundamental.” It’s still true.

Work on my Polish. Husband says moving to Poland is not off the table. After being together seven years, I probably know ten words. I know when he tells me to hush. Not happening.

Back to exercising. When I left my position of 11 years, I had won the Biggest Loser contest we were having. I basically went from 185 to 152 lbs. After a year home, I went up to 182. Although I haven’t worked out like I once did, I’ve been able to get to 158. Now it’s time to tighten up and define.

Despite the fact my social media isn’t listed, I still would like an increase of 10%. Have to keep on growing.

Until next time…



Second Quarter Goals (June Update)

I see people buying graduation decorations and then it finally hit me that it’s that time of year again. My youngest graduated two years ago, so keeping track of when school is out has escaped me. I will say though, this school year has gone by quickly. That translates to it’s almost time for our trip this year. I can’t wait!

Cooking for the Orishas, the tenth book in Mojo’s Wiccan Series, is now available for pre-order. With that now completed, I will begin my focus on this year’s Junowrimo.



Junowrimo began four days ago. Although technically I about 2000 to 2500 a day, I thought I would give it a go since my overall goal is to write 5000 works a day.

With that being said, let’s hope my housekeeping skills don’t become too lax since it will be words done first. I know I already need a day to work in my yard.

Write 15000 words a week.
I’ve been working on a five day schedule, and writing 3000 works a day has been tough. I’ve had good days as well as bad, but I keep pushing on.

Complete one 25000 novella every six week.
With all that’s been going on, editing seems to slow it down. Not stopping though.

Complete one nonfiction a month

3000 Facebook Likes
2495 at the moment.

2500 Twitter followers
At 2297. A close one.

200 YouTube subscribers
So close at 193.

500 Instagram followers
439 and climbing. Starting to get the hang of it.

Purge old clothes
Completed. Still going to buy t-shirts when they are 5/$10. I stand by the face that you can never, ever have too many clean t-shirts.

Purge old files
Completed. Old files gone. Yes! Backup done? Yes! Just in time too. One external hard drive bit the dust. I was ready!

Organize pictures.
Completed. My only problem is that I have a cousin that’s the photographer of the family. She’s always posting pictures and there are so many from years ago. That will next on my to do list.

Planning vacation
Itinerary completed. Care for the four legged kids arranged. My only problem right now is should we stay in the hotel we usually stay in or go to a Best Western in Rzeszow, Poland. His dad’s place is basically in the middle of the two.

Until my next post and next quarter goals…