Yoga for Your Sex Life Now Available

Book 10 of Mojo’s Yoga Series is now available!

Discover how making use of yoga helps increase flexibility; sustain a healthy body appearance and confidence. You can do these poses alone as a workout routine or with your partner as great foreplay deciding on just a couple of poses.

There are yoga poses that benefit to your pelvic area to increase circulation and most important of all, increase your libido.


Cooking For The Orishas Pre-Order


Finally completed Book 10 in the Mojo’s Wiccan Series. I’ve never been a big fan of cooking since all my children has a preference and everything had to be tweaked towards their palettes. Thank goodness they are grown and cook for themselves. I now cook for the enjoyment. Even though I’ve been watching what I eat, I could not resist making a few sweets for my husband and myself. Available for preorder now. For sale June 10th. A great match with Seven African Powers: The Orishas.