mojoI’ve always wanted to write, but being a single parent to five, finding the time to write was difficult, especially when working two jobs at a time and some days working 18 hours. But I did what I had to do. After given the opportunity to leave my job and my youngest graduating, I’ve decided to dive in head first into writing full-time, and haven’t slowed down yet. My husband (remarried almost five years ago) says I work more now than I did punching the time clock.

I first become interested in Wicca and all matters metaphysical forty years and began studying in Long Island, New York, which is where I grew up. I would say I consider myself an Eclectic Witch. I am a Solitary Practitioner.

Although I was born and raised in Long Island, I moved to Florida because my mother and her family is from and lives here. And yes, the weather was also a deciding point.

I have a love for all genres of books with romance and horror at the very top. I first fell in love with reading in fifth grade. Back then, I hated to read, but we had to read a certain number of books for the school year. My teacher gave me a Nancy Drew book to read. I was hooked. Couldn’t get enough. A few years later, one of my favorite cousins gave me a Harlequin Romance to read. Oh my. I had already started short stories and poems, but reading the first one had me hooked on romances.

With a large DVD collection, I plenty to keep my imagination going. My favorite movies, besides Horror, are the classic black and whites like Laura, Rebecca, Gaslight, The Picture of Dorian Gray and all the Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes movies.
I have five children, two grandchildren, four cats, two dogs and a crazy husband. I feel like he was brought to me at the perfect time. How we almost never met, is a story in itself involving emails that ending in junk mail.